Tantric Bodywork For Men

rose petalshiva•  Men, are you wanting to expand your physical turn on?

•  Are you wanting to slow down and learn to feel every sensation in your body?

•  Are you wanting to learn more about pleasuring your partner in the bedroom

If so, you’ve come to the right place! I see the male body as the giver and creator of life. When a man is fully in his power, nothing is more exciting to a women than to see her partner be present in his body. All parts of the divine masculine are sacred, and it’s incredibly alluring and magical to witness.

I offer the following sessions to men:

“Relaxing Rapture”

In this session, you will be given a mixture of stress and tension relief, feather light sensations, & a variety of yummy creative moves that will open up your body’s ability to receive various forms of turn on. This session is a one way experience, with the focus being all about you.

WHO IT’S FOR- You’re feeling some stress & want to experience conscious loving touch from an experienced woman. Relaxing and drifting away into your own bubble while you receive some TLC is right up your alley. There is nothing for you to do in this session other than to enjoy your own bliss.

S.F. Bay Area: 1hr/180, 1.5hrs/260

Boston: 1hr/260, 1.5hrs/380

Nashville: 1hr/275, 1.5hrs/400

“Ecstatic Euphoria”

This sessions combines the therapeutic aspects from Relaxing Rapture as well as Tantrik mind blowing transformational pleasure. It is immensely exciting and fulfills many primal desires. This session can include anything from learning extended techniques, experiencing a guided meditation through the 7 chakras, breath work, tantrik homework/home play, as well as coaching on turn on, relationships, & how to keep your body prepared for ongoing intimate experiences.

WHO IT’S FOR- You have have always been interested in wanting to know more about spiritual intimacy and connection but didn’t know where to begin. Or you have been on a path of exploring your body’s potential & wish to continue this journey. Health, yoga, breath work, & the like have been an interest of yours.

S.F. Bay Area: 1hr/225, 1.5hrs/325, 2hrs/425

Boston: 1hr/300, 1.5hrs/440, 2hrs/575

Nashville: 1hr/325, 1.5hrs/480, 2hrs/620

“Positively Playful”

A luscious mixture of what’s included in the first two sessions (such as tantrik training, learning extended turn on techniques, etc.), as well as an exquisite blend of diverse sensation which will leave you feeling both refreshed and stimulated. A variety of sensory objects are part of this experience, such as feathers, velvet, silky fabrics, and more. ;-)

WHO IT’S FOR: In this session, we go the extra mile for you to feel all different realms of touch while still incorporating the yumminess of a spiritual experience. Plus you are a true sensualist at heart and love nothing more than to be in your body is all it’s glory. Being a yes to all forms of pleasure is right up your alley. :-)

S.F. Bay Area: 1hr/250, 1.5hrs/375, 2hrs/450

Boston: 1hr/330, 1.5hrs/480, 2hrs/625

Nashville: 1hr/350, 1.5hrs/500, 2hrs/650

*Note: These sessions are offered with the intention of guiding you through your journey to awaken your own highest potential. You will not hear back from me if you request an illegal service. Please refrain from using any language that is incriminating through email or over the phone. Thank you for your time!

Gentlemen, if this sounds like something you would like to experience, please fill out my Booking form. Thank you and hope to connect with you soon!

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Legal notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647 (b),
the services herein do not in any way include or relate to either
(1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or
(2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.